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Here you will find some real world footage from the Pentax 645Z in combination with different lenses. Main concern of this little summary is the performance collection of uncommon camera/lens combinations. Feel free to download the files and made your own decision. If you want to support this side, feel free to donate some bucks to the international red cross: They are not involved in maintain or creating this side, but it helps me to sleep a little better.

Lenses added:
Hasselblad Distagon CFE IF 40 mm f 4.0
Hasselblad Distagon CFi 50 mm f 4.0
Hasselblad Distagon CFi 60 mm f 3.5
Hasselblad Planar C 80 mm f 2.8
Hasselblad Planar FE 110 mm f 2.0
Hasselblad Makro Planar CFi 120 mm f 4.0
Hasselblad Sonnar CFi 150 mm f 4.0
Hasselblad Superachromat CF 250 mm f 5.6